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Creature Feature: Make silhouettes for monsters or characters that would live in a fantasy world you created. (a very good way to create interesting and original characters)
Any one want to name or nick name some 
some… or just one  you’ll get to see fully textured/Colored and designed soon.



All these pages are 8.5x11, 300 dpi. Feel free to print it out in full size if you like physical copies

Comics and Comic Artists

Jake Wyatt- deviantart tumblr

"Welcome To Summers"


Suggested Reading/Books:

Scott McCloud’s “Making Comics” (entirely done in comic format)



Speech Bubbles Mistakes

Paint Bucket Resource

Storyboarding and Camera angles

What is DPI?

Transferring Traditional to Digital (Photoshop Tutorial)

Keeping this as a reference for when I get my connection back.

For any of my followers who want to or are currently illustrating comics, heres some thing thats worth a look at. ill have to say if you can’t afford to go to collage for comic book art, this is a good substitute.

But heres an add on. you should always work on an peace of 17”x 11” bristol board, with an image area (live Area) of 15”x 10”

they should also show you how to do splash pages, full splash pages, bleeding panel, and a wrap around covers.

but any ways this is a really good and simple lesson in comic book art. 

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